Guilty.yes,i am guilty that i am one of the people that is hurt when i learned that ohchan is dating because at the back of my mind i'm still dreaming of him as my husband. However this does not mean that i dont want him to be happy because he deserves every happiness in this world.
Right now i am more hurt to know about ohchan's apology and some observations of his performance last nyt.
To ohno san,
I know that there is no chance that you can read it but please know that there are people who love you and will continue loving you no matter what.

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Happy Birthday Aiba-chan!!! You make the atmosphere so bright and your creative ideas make it much more memorable...Thank you so much for being an Arashi member..

note:the image is not mine i just forgot where i downloaded it..


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You may not know how much I am grateful to God For blessing this world with someone like you!!!I'll a;ways pray for your endless happiness...Thank you so much for sharing your talents and making my day full of happiness... Even though it may be impossible, but i never stop praying that there will be a day that i can finally meet you...


credits to sayou123 for the pic...

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It's been a while since I last posted here, been busy in everything but i can let myself not to greet nino even it is late because i owe him a lot...Because my best friend loves him, i got to know arashi, and how i met OH-CHAN...


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I was shocked when i heard about the news in Japan. Worst, i feel more shocked and scared when I finally watched the news... It was so devastating....It was like how did that happen. However, it already happened... Let us pray for all the victims in Japan and other parts of the world.
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want to be a student again...

now i already feel what adults say about working. when you are still studying, you want to work.but then when you already have work you want to study again.its hard for me because i always feel that i want to please others.i hate them...i want to have a life when all i do is what i want.i hope.just hoping that someday it will come true
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I hate my job. i really want to stop if there is only way for me to stop. i really did not want in the first place but what could I do?! i do not want to spend my days being a parasite!!! 
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